The Webmaster has had a number of pythonic dreams due to overloads of python, particularly Graham. "Yet this is not a bad thing." says the webmaster, when questioned.

The webmaster's dreams:

I was to see this Beatle imitation concert.. I remember sitting on this balcony and these pyschedelic lights come around, t'was pretty groovy, and insteada "ABC's version of the Beatles" it was the Python's. I rmemeber going up to the stage for some reason and then I ended up being in the skit. It was something about a book sketch. I cna't think of a Python sketch thati've seen that involved books at the time, tho later I got Monty Python's final rip off and heard "The Book Shop" sketch. Anyways I got to shake John Cleese's hand, which was cool. *GG* Then we (pythons and I) leaped off the stage and threw a few choco wafers around the audience. Then we went back and sang the Bruce's Philosopher's song, and i can't remeber the rest cos i woke up and had a second dream where a course in my school was Pythonism, and it was a REQUIRED course, so it's rather funny.

I was at school....and jen (me friend who's in grade school) went to my high school and i skipped math class to go to PE class...and then we had all these cds... and then i was sitting in me room and the doorbell rings and there's lemon holding this tape...and hands it to me..and i'm like "thanks" and its monty python tape thing, course I don't remember hearing any of it in the dream.

what he sort of looked like in the dream Alright, May 5th I had a dream I was in this sort of rich family. And we all had to dress up for this party thing. Of course, i did not want to wear a dress, and even so didn't want to go to the party because I had found this wonderful channel which was showing many Graham films. The film was entitled "The Odd Job" of course the real plot to the odd job is nothing like this yet my mind didn't know that at the time. The film opens with Graham riding round in a car. He goes to work at a shop and ends up getting fired. So off he goes to the pub, gets drunk, comes out of the door, stands in the door way a bit, and then goes off driving his car upside down. He then goes home and you see these feet in this bed, and he hops in the bed with the feet, and then you see grahams face appear from under the covers an d------- suddenly someone from my rich family walks in the door and says I have to go to the party! And I must be dressed soon! Course in a panic, I flip the channel, and due to the vast amounts of channels and I can never find the right channel again. I manage to escape the party after awhile, and yet still no sign of the graham channel.

I had this dream. It didn't take long to have cos it happened from 12 pm to 1:30 pm. Yet the dream was like the meaning of Life... And the whole time I'm trying to keep this person from finding out Graham is a poof, because they're one of those people who would have a fit. Somehow my mind told me that in Meaning of life there's something that tells Graham's being a poof. Not like it has anything to do with anything. We get to the end and I'm being chased by Palin. And I won't let Palin catch me, so the film can't end.

And Palin shouts "What, do you not like me?"

And I cry, "Of course I like you."

And the Graham cries in the silliest voice I've ever heard so I Knew it was Graham, "What about me?"

I yelled, "I don't dislike anyone, especially Graham."

So then we're on this big platform type thing, and the dream becomes Star Wars. My mind said to me that I had seen Return of the Jedi (which I haven't) and that Meaning of Life DID end like this, when in fact its all screwed up. Yet anyways, these soldiers come in and they start shooting at us, and stealing the food supply.

Aside from Graham I have no idea where the pythons all went to at this point. But there's me, Graham, and these little kids shooting at these soldiers. Then we get dragged down to this dungeon, because our shooting attempts had failed, yet I get a close look at the soldiers and they end up being kids from my ROTC class. We get down to this dungeon and there's Yoda saying that it would be the best Jedi training place because its right under Darth Vader's nose, and he'd never know. Graham goes off with David to get some food. I start wandering around the place, and I find the other pythons at this empty table labeled spam, and they're all singing the spam song, except for Eric Idle who has this gigantic plate of spam and is crying that they didn't have enough spam. Strange dream, but it did have spam in it.

I was in this store which was in this gigantic cellar. And I came round to the edge of the store to notice this gigantic white sign with lights around it that said "Eric Idle Display" on it. The whole area was lighted in red tho. I tried to take a picture, but I couldn't get a good view of the sign, as people kept walkin in and such. So I leave for a bit, and it changes to "Character Display" and I'm all grumpy that my mum made me leave, because it wouldn't change back to Eric Idle Display. So Then... the store manager tells me that Terry Jones and Eric Idle had all signed bits of carpet thruought the store. So I start digging up the carpet and taking pictures of it... and sorta wake up in the middle of that.

I had a dream that I was at a friend's house and we had a choice to perform 2 skits. I wanted to do the parrot sketch and the lumberjack song. Well, we did some skits i'd never heard of yet they let us do more. ANd of course my friend doesn't know the parrot sketch yet starts singing the lumberjack song. So the whole dream was trying to find the script to the parrot sketch.

Dream I had today (July 25) after all this talk of dreams, and watching 4 n a half hours of python, listening to wavs of it, and due to insomnia watching yellowbeard, and falling asleep thinking of graham....

In the dream I'm a guy. I suppose it was to make it more logical on the part of something that would happen later in the dream. I'm one of 3 brothers. I'm the middle child, my current age 16. My oldest brother (about 18) has chewed us out for spilling Graham crackers all over the floor. My youngest brother (about 14) is busily sweeping up the Graham crackers to avoid anymore yelling.

We live in this sort of low budget house which reminds me of the place in which the hostages were held in the movie my dad watched. The oldest goes off for his date, leaving us two to man the house. We automatically drop the brooms and just sod the house cleaning.

With all this mention of Graham....Graham Chapman shows up on the front lawn. I take this as a photo op... After a few pictures with my "younger brother", me bro had to do something in the house.

So then Graham suggested we not take normal boring pictures. Therefore the poses were somewhat strange, as in, we'd only take a picture of our noses. Or later on just our legs, or eyebrows, or the back of our heads. At one point Graham says lips, and then pulls me in for this tremendously long kiss, in which I snap quite a good picture of, and then Graham concludes that he must split.

So then... it snaps back to "reality"... And I have my camera in my hand going "I MET GRAHAM" to everyone I meet, whether or not they know who graham is is beyond me. But then I look at my film and realise the camera says "50" on it. Well having a roll of 24, there is no way I could have 50 pictures on one roll. I complain to mum, saying my camera is broken, i want to rewind this roll and take it to walmart. She says "Take it to Atwoods, for an hour" (Umm, Atwoods is a hardware store......?)

Then at some point I start to wake up and that's where that ends. This is the best I can remember it. I know more transpired between the cleaning up of graham crackers and Graham showing up, but I can't quite remember it... and more happened with my "brothers" before I went back to reality...but i can't remember that either...

I woke up thinking that I hadn't had a Graham dream, yet I had. I had three dreams. One was about my friends doing this radio show, and I burst in and started singing "If I were not in the CID" and cos of that they wouldn't let me sing the lumberjack song! And the second I was in my garage and a gigantic shipment of bananas was in there and we were locked inside and the bananas started turning into pink people and one was Graham as the Col. The last was some weird circus type dream, and I saw the words "Graham Chapman" but then I got woke up.

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