M-pires, M&ms, loony bits, and leaders

(Dedicated to every silly person who wants it dedicated to them)

There once was a great empire, and if I'm not mistaken it still exists today in all its glory free from the oppression it once faced. This is the tale of a great leader, a quest for freedom, silliness, and other bits. Of course as wonderful as it sounds, it started in, of all places, a forum. A meeting place for people loony enough to decide to come there. The common bond was Python and it was a strong one. Well, as we all adjusted our spam canisters, chicken screamed, confused our cats, and silly walked we found in our midst the presence of a great leader.

Yes, a leader. Someone who could lead us Gumbies into a world of pure silliness by banishing Pointed Sticks, freeing the world from purple skewers disease, throwing about bananas, and only letting Gumbies carry pineapples. Yes, this was a perfect plan. It was on the 4th day of the 7th month of the 999th year of 1000, that one poet did write about the Mighty POLLGE for the first noticable time. Many others agreed with the message the poem sent and so the POLLGE campaign was born.

With no visible opposition POLLGE decided her large cabinet of followers. Yes, a mighty wooden cabinet built of the finest in Norwegian wood. It stood over 12 feet tall, had 6 finely cut shelves for storage, and was 8 feet long. This cabinet stood on the finest in brick design carpeting, surrounded by Pythonic statues, bits of leftover operations, and what looked like 17 half dead rats. Of course, if one looks closely the rats, when arranged in a certain position appear to look exactly like the moon on a cloudy night in October, yet this is only if you squint your eyes. Really, you have to have a look at it. Oh, where was I... The cabinet. Its a splendid piece of woodwork. Oh, I seem to have strayed from my original intention.

Right, the cabinet Pollge created had many members. Due to the loyalty to Pollge, many of the cabinet members took apon the last name of Loony Gumby Esq. forever ingrading their loyalty to the Mighty Pollge. Many naked --- er I mean... I'll start again. Many Ministry meetings passed filled with str---- wait, hold on a minute. Alright, I've got it. Many Ministry meetings passed throughout time. The ministry had aquired a rather large office building. Actually it was more of a bungalow, which didn't do well for the minister of running upstairs two at a time, flinging open the door and saying "ha, ha caught you mildred." However, rather large office building sounds alot better in this sort of writing.

Funds were limited. Most funds went to the numerous amounts of Pythonic statues in various offices of those obsessed. To get some extra funds the Minister of War, unqualified, and the Dr. Col took out the bits, tennis rackets, and old music albums from patients afflicted with P.S. Disease. However, the funds continued to fly out the window and onto some unknown executive's desk.

The Mighty POLLGE went on holiday for a fortnight (using words I am, Algy) left a loony person in charge. During this time anger flared at an oppressive M-pire. And so they all boarded the mighty ship Loony Bits with its high flags flying and the smell of rotten seaweed filling the air. In the middle of dark and hot summer nights and at the same time cold winter ones in other countries, the ministry members plotted a mutiny in the ship's boiling room as the deck of the ship had been taken over by the crimson permenant assurance due to rental services because of the lack of funds in the ministry treasury.

They plotted and sang ballads of lunacy during the day, the night, and both at the same time. Messages in bottles were of anger, and commonly smashed against the wall, or had scribes copy them into thousands and nail them up on all the port city bulliton boards. Their weapons were humility, humour, and a lack of caring exactly what the M-pire's leader did to them. Their reasons were anger, silliness, and the right to prove their existance. Even so the ministry needed the money, and the bits of a leader of an M-pire can go for millions these days. Millions of dead rats. Oh the moon collages that could make.

Many ministry members fought valiantly, and others just watched. Yet there was one so lucky as to be the first to get stabbed with a pineapple-ka-bob. This was the Col. There was not one who wouldn't be stabbed with a pineapple-ka-bob also. Oh wait. There is ONE. But many requested to be stabbed too. And with their wounds they chicken screamed onto the deck of the ship loony bits, and claimed a new forum as their own in which they would reak havoc until far past this day of me telling you this. Back