A Boxer History Of Pollge

One foggy day on the brink of a pythonic listening binge the once unknown to as many as she is known to now, Purple Lemon added her middle name of Of'fish. The Wapcaplet noticed this odd appendage, and thought it needed some officalising, so did say that the Lemon shall hereforth be called Purple Of'fish Lemon Loony Gumby Esq. After having traveled far and away, Wap reached the vast land of posts that was the Montypython Net forum, then its humble abode was only on bravenet. After exploring a bit, and being dragged into its wide silliness, the Wap brought the future great one, although she was great then too y'know, POLLGE to the forum. It was 4 fortnights and a bit later that the other residents noted how great this Lemon was. How purple. How grand. How of fish! The one known as algy hath decided to don the name of the great Loony Gumby Esq. Followed then by the Wap. In honour of this great lemony purple fishy one, a certain future member of the cabinet (not to be confused with another speech writer whom is blessed with three noteworthy positions which although they are noteworthy, shall not be noted to save trees, bytes, and fingers) wrote a poem! And thus started the campaign! Ministry positions were selected carefully with the finest in tongs, computers, and gumby brain samples. It soon flourished! Evelyone who wasn't anyone, but actually had some names, wanted to have LGE added to those names they already had, and became silly with the involvement of the zoom zoom. Webpages were erected, many neglected, and the others defected. Only a minor sum of which decided to actually be about ye Grande Pollge!