Woman Predicted to Give Birth To Form Of Musical EnterTainment!

Mrs. Dalacheechi Samson Eggermaster Hughley Templewot was quoted in saying, "YES! I'm giving birth to a record player! The first of its kind! I'm in ALL the tabloids!" yesterday after having a few wires and plugs inserted into her stomach due to digestion problems.

It seems that Mrs. Dalacheechi had fallen madly in love with a Phonopgraph. Therefore producing two options..... CD player or record player. It was determined last week that the happily unmarried couple shall be the parents of a brand new record player sometime next fall. The digestion in mrs dalacheechi was due to her habit of swallowing cds every 6 weeks, therefore blocking her digestion. When the wires and plugs were inserted, a rather muffled rendition of Beethoveens 9th could be heard blaring whenever mrs dalacheechi opened her mouth. And now..the weather...

But first a bit of news from the National Gumbo Jet Inquirer Service For TelePhones that Mr. Wently Left Off the Hook Forty Years Ago:

There seems to have been a simalar yet not exactly the same case, when a gentleman from Gortyaualia fell in love with his lap top computer. It was said that the computer would be producing a brand new baby floppy disk sometime the next few years. It seems that the first floppy was only a miscarriage, yet the second is a nice shiny blue floppy disk which resides happily at walmart.

Due to the evidence in this case, it is not determined yet whether or not Mrs. Dalacheechi will have her .... .......... record player... due to the fact that the Phonograph she fell in love with came from England, and she resides in america, there could be some mix up when it came time to plug the record player in! We'll keep you advised!