This is a raid of the guestbook signing commitee! The commitee would like to announce to you -------

But will not get to announce it to you, because they have been tied together with four thousand lupins and a bit of spam. So we will ----

Not be able to finish the Announcement because they got called away on urgent business. Something concerning a man with a stoat through his head, or some looniess thereof... So we are proud to give you the offical -----

notice that they will not be doing this announcement either due to the fact that they fell through the floor into a pile of popcorn the size of the atlantic ocean. We'll get back to them in four years once all the popcorn has been eaten, or it begins to smell a bit, or they somehow get out. And now ----

for something completely different. Oh, what? No. I didn't know. Sorry...

Purple Lemon and Washy/Wapcaplet/Raymondluxuryyacht, aka the webmaster have merged into one looney Python guestbook, therefore you must, and we repeat MUST select which page you came from when that option occurs. If not, we have the Span-----

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Hello Operator is this the picadilly li---

We're having a bit of a problem with the management on this website. Everyone wants a piece of the action. Its sad really. All we ask is for you to sign this book full of words. Its just a small thing. Its not like it will harm you. Please sign it. Make us feel wanted. Or don't. Do you think we care? (Actually we do, but we won't admit it) And now, the link...

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