The Good Ship Loony Bits

The Good Ship Loony Bits is the home away from the ministry type home for those of us who want to dress up like pirates and fight against the opression of silliness..... or not... Either way, it is a ship. We live on it.

The Captain of our ship is Invictus Dr. Col. She was elected quite some time ago by an 8 vote voting election. Admiral of the silly two boat fleet (The brother ship being the Raymond Luxury Yacht, pronounced Throatwobbler Mangrove) is of course our great leader, Pollge! There is also Ensign Semprini, loyal lunatic of the loonybits group found often inside the officers quarters dancing to such various songs as "Get Up Offa That Thing" and "Magic Carpet Ride". There is also Wap, the ships first mate, who edits this page for no apparent reason, and is quite loony they say.

  • Log Entry # 5982101 Day: 5982103
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    I got my head stuck in the cupboard! I can't see anything! My brain hurts! Doctor! Doctor! Are you the brain specialist? I think cement is more interesting than people think. I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together. I would put a tax on all people who stand in water.I would like to see John the Baptist's impersonation of Graham Hill. The anaesthetic! The anaesthetic! I think he's got beautiful legs. Well I think televisions killed real entertainment. In the old days we used to make our own fun. At Christmas parties I used to strike myself on the head repeatedly with blunt instruments while crooning. Others find peace of mind...And now for something completely different. I use an aftershave called Semprini. Oh that was fun. And now The end, The end! The end! The end! ... Oh I've forgotten what I said now. My brain will have to come out. All the bits of it.