It was decided on the 4th day of the 7th month of the 999th year of the 1000 millenium, by a loony named TailMange that POLLGE should run for some kind of loony office because POLLGE would be a great lot better than some of the buggers in office now. (Oh, did I say that outloud? If so I meant. POLLGE would be a wonderful leader.)

POLLGE has campaign goals of:

  • World silliness
  • world peace
  • getting new hospital wards named after the mighty Purple Lemon
  • no more weapons - swords or guns or spears or other sharp pointy things (especially no pointed sticks), yet bricks, fresh fruit (except the pineapple which'll be banned), and deadly jokes are allowed

    For More Information:
    POLLGE Campaign (pronounced POL (like in aPOLogy) and ge like Algy)
    3217493879q847931874981237423 Yangtse Shack
    My house, in my mailbox, with the dynamite

    and when closed, call 2837279372-2398472934728934729834723 area code Mars.

    We'll make sure all requests are duly proceeded with much slowness so that you can vote before the NEXT millenium (the one with the 3 in it)! YAY!

    POLLGE Stands for: Purple Offish Lemon Loony Gumby Esq

    (Part of the Loony Gumby Esq Clan which includes Algy Loony Gumby Esq, and Wapcaplet Biggles Splunge Loony Gumby Esq)

    Positions in this plot of world silliness, peace, domination, and hospital wards:
    TailMange: Aide Guy
    Wapshycapletloonyperson: War Handler Person

  • in charge of demoliting all guns
  • reinstating bricks
  • Algy: Minister of Money
  • Required to buy up all sorts
    of nice Python stuff for everyone
    in the Forum
  • more Webspace and help
    for Maverick if he
    so require it

    Quotes: "Furthermore, I say! Anyone for world domination?" - POLLGE
    "I believe in peace and banging two bricks together" - Gumby
    "I'll sit on my throne and dictate to the world all the looniness in my brain (not the one in my head) and we;ll dance and sing and bash bricks together in peace and harmony while yelling silly things about our brains hurting. Who's WITH ME PEOPLE!? Can anyone else see my dream happening!?" - POLLGE
    "I'm a member of the PFPC and I"m bloody proud of it! And no one can ever bloody stop me from voting for POLLGE! ... .... Well... Aside from if they took all the pens away...but then I'd use me blood....or locked me in a closet ....but then I'd use morse code...... or decided to off me.... but then I'd leave it in my will... You see I'm not gonna let them stop me! Bloody proud!"
    - Wapcaplet from Wainscotting, Member PFPC, deceased, yet bloody proud.
    "Every newcomer to the city pines for a spiritual drink! With the coming of the POLLGE Silly Party, you will be able to access any newspaper or magazine...in a flash! And besides, we've everything bloody Blair has got, and you don't even have to bear his stupid grin and oversized ears. Remember -- Advertising on the trams is seen by millions every day. Advertising on the trams is cheap and rational."
    -Tailmange, minister of special aide, Member PFPC
    "To whom it probably won't concern:
    I am a stalwart supporter of the POLLGE campaign/concept/et cetera. But as a concerned writer, artist, and above all, scribbler, I must ask this...Being so strongly opposed toward pointed sticks, what would POLLGE's views be on PENCILS?"

    If you support POLLGE, and your phone can't seem to call the whole number, and you've no idea where Yangtse Shack is, then put this banner on your page!

    <a href="http://members.tripod.com/raymondluxuryyacht/pollge.html"> <img border=0 src="http://members.tripod.com/raymondluxuryyacht/pollge.gif" alt="vote pollge!"> </a><br>

    And this is what it looks like:

    vote pollge!

    Return to this page for the latest on the campaign and to find out if POLLGE has her own campaign page up!
    And even to find out the meaning of life!*

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    Other POLLGE Links:

    Vote wisely! Vote POLLGE! The PFPC

    *We really don't know this.**
    **Actually we do***
    ***But we aren't telling you.****
    ****Go watch THE MEANING OF LIFF...er LIFE

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