We have forced the webmaster (with a small bribe of a lump of sugar in the coffee the webmaster already dislikes.. What?? The webmaster wouldn't cooperate under such conditions. Oh, I see. I see. You're on her side! Well, you just go and do that. One day you'll see we're right. You just wait!) to make reviews of Python related films, and Python films. But to make it fun, we have injected various word diseases into the webmaster.

If you have not seen any of these movies, go and rent them.
One: The spam disease
The Rutles

The Rutles is a spam parody about my favorite spam band the SpamBeatles. It was created by Spam Eric SpamIdle. It has Eric himself and SpamNeil Innes Spam in it. I really dug it, spam it, and it was spammingly due to this spamovie that I became spamobsessed with Monty Spam Python Spam. I watched spam it over and spam and over and spamover and over spam again spam spam again and spam again spam. Before spam how-spam-ever spam my spamming spammy spam spam spam friends said I should watch Monty Spam Python Spam. I'd seen Life of Brian Spam, and Monty Spam Python Spam and the Holy Spam Grail. It was due to the Rutles that I decided, spammit, that I had to see more Monty Python. After seeing The Rutles about four hundred spamming times I went in search of other movies, spam.
Two: The bing tiddle tiddle bang disease
The Magic Christian

I saw the Magic bing tiddle tiddle bang Christian sitting on a bing tiddle tiddle shelf bang at Hastings bang tiddle tiddle bing. I wanted to bing tiddle tiddle bang get it because Ringo bing tiddle tiddle bang Starr was in this movie. After I bing tiddle tiddle bang read the bing tiddle tiddle bang back of the vid-bing tiddle tiddle bong-eo I noticed that it said John bing tiddle tiddle bong Cleese and Graham bing tiddle tiddle tiddle tiddle tiddle tiddle tiddle bang Chapman on it. Therefore I could not bing tiddle tiddle bang get away from the bing tiddle tiddle spam --- sorry relapse of old disease --- spam spam spam bing tiddle tiddle bang. That's better. I couldn't bing tiddle tiddle bang get away from the Pythons. I ranked it the stupidest bing tiddle tiddle bang movie I'd ever bing tiddle tiddle seen. That's not a bad thing. Its all in bing tiddle tiddle bad taste. Having watched it a second bing tiddle tiddle time, I was able to recognise that bing tiddle cleese was the one with the rembrant painting , and that graham tiddle tiddle bing was in the Oxford tiddle tiddle boat team.
Thlee: (you shourd get it by now)
Plivates on Palade

Lathel good movie in which Creese prays a stlict genelar in command of a buncha goof off actols. Tis lathel funny. I cannot lemembel it too werr as it's been awhire since i've seen it. We lented it again but i didn't watch it that time. It dug tho.
Foul: (you shourd get it by now and extla dosage)
The Jungre Book

I saw this movie a rong time ago. Since i lemembeled Creese was in it, I decided to lent it again. Creese prays a doctol who teaches Mogri to read, unawale of the prots of a nozzre. Hmm, I'm not doing vely werr am i?
Five: (the finar dosage of you shorld definatrey get it by now ol erse we sharr hult you)
Geolge of the Jungre

Back when I saw Geolge of the Jungre, I roved it. At that time I had nevel heald of John Creese, much ress know that he was Ape. But neveltheress the movie was coor. It is velly funny. After while I started wondering why Creese was in two movies with the wold Jungre in it. Hmmmm.
Six: F'tang! F'tang! disease
Fierce Creatures

Fierce Creatures was a dreadfully funny movie. F'tang! F'tang! It had Cleese, Palin, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Kevin Kline as the main stars. F'tang! F'tang! I won't tell you the funniest bits of this movie because it would ruin it. F'tang! F'tang! F'tang! F'tang! F'tang! F'tang! F'tang! F'tang! F'tang! F'tang! F'tang! F'tang! F'tang! F'tang! F'tang! F'tang! F'tang! F'tang! F'tang! F'tang! F'tang! F'tang! F'tang! F'tang! F'tang! F'tang! F'tang! F'tang! F'tang! F'tang! F'tang! F'tang! F'tang! F'tang! F'tang! F'tang! F'tang! F'tang! F'tang! F'tang! F'tang! F'tang! Yet, basically Cleese gets put in charge of a zoo. Palin is a zookeeper. Jamie Lee Curtis works with Kevin Kline for Octopus, the company that bought the zoo. It gets funny, yet as I have F'tang! F'tang! told you, I will not tell you what it's about. F'tang! F'tang!
Seven: We're giving the good webmaster a break from the diseases.
Unfortunately, Due to the plot, we cannot go without censoring the webmaster.
A Fish Called Wanda

This movie is prolly one of the best of all the movies I have seen with Cleese in it. Then again... It also has Palin! If you see any of the movies here, see A Fish called Wanda. It caused me to get a crush on Cleese.... Basically they're (the EXACT same cast as the previous movie, although this one came first) robbers, all but Cleese who is a Barrister And then *************** and next its really interesting cos ************* falls *********** with *************. But see I can't tell you.. they won't let me. GO SEE IT! Other than that its hilariously funny. Especially when ************* hangs Cleese from a ********** and forces an Apology out of him.

Eight: the *yawn* disease
A Private Function

This *yawn* movie was about killing *yawn* pigs. It has Michael Palin in it, and *yawn* is directed by George Harrison *yawn* and Denis O'Brien. Recognise *yawn* the names? *yawn* I hope so... because Life of *yawn* Brian was *yawn* by the same two. And George *yawn* Harrison is *yawn* a Beatle who was also in The Rutles, and in *yawn* Life of *yawn* Brian. There's more things, but I'm too *yawn* lazy to list them. *yawn* *yawn**yawn**yawn**yawn**yawn**yawn* This *yawn* disease is driving me *yawn* nuts. Um, as for the *yawn* movie, it was alright. The gigantic foot made me think of MP. *yawn* *yawn* *yawn*.
[We are sorry, the webmaster fell asleep. The *yawn* disease caused this. It will only take 4 hours to wake the webmaster up. Therefore, this review shall never be continued. ]
Nine: what is your shoe size?
The bliss of ms blossom
This is a movie in which john cleese plays a small role as a postmaster who gets asked many questions including his shoe size. Shoe sizes played very prominent in this movie, yet not as much as the shoe size of one of the main characters, Tuttle was it? Was it Tuttle? Or Am i thinking of my next review?
[Apparently this disease didn't work too well, as shoe sizes really didn't come up much in this review. ]
Ten: sdrawkcab

.evitcidda si gnos emeht eht dnA .tseb s'mailliG fo eno yletanifed dna citsitra yrev s'tI .eivom eht devol i taht naht rehtO .sksam ybab diputs esoht dna ,daeh eht ni tohs gnitteg nilaP saw ti tuoba gniht ykaerf tsom ehT .tey nees ev'i smlif nohtyp-tsop tsegnarts eht fo eno si sihT .pu xim elttuT elttuB a fo esuaceb deneppah ylno eivom siht sA .meht ni snohtyp htiw smlif ni eman nommoc yrev a eb ot smees elttuT
Eleven: The sneeze disease
(thats not very original is it?) [no its not but its all we could think of] (Why? Is the budget running low?) [no, but we've run out of soft coushins so the webmaster isn't doing such a good job] (But the webmaster is not in charge of diseases. The doctor is.) [Well, still, its the principle of the thing. If we give them bad material here they'll hate us and...] {It doesn't matter.} [What?] (What do you mean it doesn't matter? ) {It doesn't matter at all} [Of course it matters. Its the websurfers that we need to please.] {In my opinion....} (Nobody ever asked you) {Well, i don't care. In my opinion....} [We don't want your opinio n] {Look, I just want to say this. Will you let me?} (Nobody is stopping you.) {Yes, you are. You just did.} [Fine then, tell us] {Well, now you made me forget.} (Oh you stupid git!) [Let us get on with this review] {Well, I...} (piss off!) {Oh, alright then...} (Boy, I'm glad he's gone.) [Me too, now let's see what this review is...] (Oh, bloody hell, look. He's gone and stabbed himself with the disease.) [Augh, what are we going to do now?] (Well, he could do the review.) [He's never seen Yellowbeard...] (haven't we got a tape for him?) [No, I let Fang borrow it the other day.] {AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO} (You stupid git!!! What are we going to do for a new disease??) {I Don't AAAAAAAAAACCCHOOOOOOO} [It looks very much like you do ACHOO to me] {Oh shut-ACHOOOOOOOOOOO-up} [Right, where is achoo so i can shut him up?] (Stop Achooing, I'm catching it) |Right! Stop that!| [oh, not you] |Yes, me. Now this is way too silly. It's gone on long enough and its time for it to end.| (Well, we haven't got a disease) |And why not?| ['E went and stabbed himself with our last disease that we had.] |So, make another!| (The doctor's gone on holiday) |Well, you guys make a disease then. It shouldn't be that hard!| {AAAAAAAAAACCCCCHOOOOOOOOO} (Go get a tissue!) {Alright...} -I've got it- [Got what?] -A disease!- (Oh get away from me! You might be contagious!) - No No No A disease for the review.... - (Ohhhhh, sorry then.) [Well, man, what is it???] -Biggus Dickus - (BWHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHA) ^What's so funny about Biggus Dickus? I have a vewy good fweind in wome called biggus dickus^ ........................
BONG! Start again.
Ten: No disease

Being a great fan of Graham Chapman's I was overwhelmed with joy when i found out this would be on the telly. Tis a wonderfully good movie. Very much worth seeing. Contains three pythons. Graham, Cleese, et idle. Tis a good movie. My kidnappers have told me to keep it short as they somehow lost their last disease.
Eleven: EEEEELEVEN? This cost me twelve. Alright Alright 17. No No No, you're sposed to say 14 now. 14. What? 14? 14 for this? That's what you told me to say c'mon tell me what to say pleeease.
[Those responsible for the care of the diseases have been sacked. Apparently, they weren't taking care of the diseases. Therefore the next three review will be reoccurances of sdrawkcab]
nesuahcnuM noraB fo serutnevdA ehT
.mlif siht ni sraeppa osla lizarB ni maS saw ohw ecyrP .nesuahcnuM noraB tuoba eivom doog yrev a siT .smailliW niboR te eldI cirE sniatnoc eivom mailliG siZ
twelve: sdrawkcab
ssecnirP nawS ehT
!!!gnik yllis uoy ,tnecca suoedartuo siht sah eh kniht uoy od yhW .hcnerf s'eh syawynA .eman sgorf eht rebmemer tonnac I hguohtlA .gorf a fo eciov eht syalp eseelc nootrac siht nI
thirteen: sdrawkcab
12 srenwoT-fO-tuO ehT
.shgual ynam rof sedivorp hcihw reganam letoh etitsevsnart a si eseelC .ti ni gnieb eseelC fo esuaceb ylekil tsom dna yelbissoP .lanigro eht naht retteb gud i taht sekamer fo yrotsih eht ni ekamer ylno eht si eivom siht ,hguone ylddO
Fourteen The review that cannot be seen.
Time Bandits
My kidnappers lied. This review can be seen. Quite well actually. Instead, the kidnappers have forced the "good grammar" disease into me. I found Time Bandits to be quite a strange, yet humourous and meaningful movie. Like many of Gilliam's other films which I've seen, this movie is yet another twist of reality and dream which is quite wonderful. I enjoyed it, and the George Harrsion song at the end.