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    Upper Class Twit



    To become an upper class twit, you must have a python related website. It must be slightly silly. First you become a can of spam by filling out the form below. You get an email which includes information. Copy the code in the email, or the code on the page after you press Ni! and paste it on your page. After it is on your page, leave the rest up to moi. I shall add thy page. After you become an upper class twit you recieve another email, and then you are a twit.

    Ah you have a choice of which logo to use. Either ringlogo.gif or ringlogo.jpg. Just change it on the code once ya get it.

    Become an Upper Class Twit
    Site Title:
    Site URL:

    Please choose a password. (Don't forget it!!)

    Keywords: Enter up to 20 keywords to describe your site.

    Description: Enter a short description of your site.

    Upper Class Twit Webring made possible by
    the Webring.

    A group of looneys

    Ah, yes, now there's the little matter of those of you who are quite looney. Quite looney indeed...sorry.. The only thing is you hafta have a little thingy called ICQ. If not, bad luck.

    (Hint: Download icq, or get a webpage, then you can be a looney little twit...but i wouldn't recommend it if thats the ONLY reason you have a webpage, or icq...but then again you could flatter the webmaster...tho it wouldn't do any good as the webmaster is kidnapped y'know...)

    Um, ICQ has this little thing called IRCQ...and every once in awhile, after we let the webmaster on the webmaster's own, you could find the webmaster on IRCQ in ze room #montypython... but its quite rare we let the webmaster past the comfy chair... <--- go tehre to become a looney

    The Raymond Luxury Yacht Award of Looniness

    Since the webmaster is not around to stop us, we're giving away this lovely award, due to the generosity of Mr. Raymond Luxury Yacht. If you have a looney page, then you may stick this thing up on your page and show off how you stole it from the page. We don't care, after all we did kidnap the webmaster. Only people with python (or related) pages can steal this award. Others we will... we will..say... NI! to.

    Why don't you steal some bandwidth (I think thats what they call it), while you're at it? We've been more helpful by giving you an HTML code to steal it with.

    <a href=""> <img border=0 src=""></a>

    Allied Gumbies

    A concept concieved by one of Purple Lemon's typos, the webmaster graciously donated this banner (more like we poked the webmaster with the soft coushins until she gave in and made a banner) to go along with'r advertisement:

    Allied Gumbies: Fighting to keep confusion alive!

    To put this banner on your page use this code:

    <a href=""> <img src="" border=0 alt="Allied Gumbies: Fighting to keep confusion alive!"></a>

    Right! Are you TIRED of the same old governmental buggers ruining our world? Why not try some fresh fruit? Purple Lemon to be exact.
    Just clickity click the little banner then eh?

    vote pollge!


    If for some bloody reason you'd like to link this page use this thing:

    <a href=""> <img border=0 src=""> </a><br>

    Or you can just use a lovely little text link

    <a href=""> Insert an excuse to where the title went here</a><br> </small>