The Island of The

Little is known about the Island in which I call my home. This island is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean (Which by the way means peaceful). I've lived on this island for about half a year now. I am part of The Colony That Is As We Speak Forming Under Your Bed.

It is the first colony on the island of The since the immigration to the island by the Zernizbicerwaternicazerbensanckerznickerqutergerble's in the 1300s.

The natives have a knack for cutlery, and I am currently ordering some cutlery which says I get a free set of steak knives, along with a knife sharpener.

They also claim to be good at wombat dismembering, come in assorted textures and shades such as fluffy pink, antler shaped, tiger-skin, and flashing red with llamas running around on it , flavours such as cucumber shaped pineapple tasting steak knife, and a semprini flavoured prawn shaped meat cleaver , and the first price was

19.95 - 6 easy payments. However, since I've showed the demand for it and due to extreme bouts of haggling I've come to the conclusion that when they want such a large bit of money as 21.25, I will ONLY pay 22.44!

But I have decided that I shall pay the advertised sum of 19.95 times 6 times 5 Million plus 4576.53 for shipping and handling which equals: 598,505,476.53 in monopoly money.

Have you ANY idea how many Wombat Semprini breads one can buy with this much monopoly money?

The knives became availible to me thru the web forum.

You seee on the island of The there is a new chain of cooking schools, who get the knives because they only use the finest cutlery. The schools specialise in making Wombat Semprini bread, therefore the cutlery sold by my loony associate on the forum, was ideal for this. Because if the wrong cutlery is used, there will be alot of stabbing of dirty forks!

The reason for my buying 5 million of these knives and charging them it to the credit number of 5932-4783-7347 at the brand new First Nat'l Rehpoff bank on the island is so that i may go bankrupt before I am 17.

When more arises on the island I shall inforum you Until then....

A bit of history on the Island of The:

Documentary on Ixben Zernizbic of High Water Pants Village in the tiny island of The

Ixben Zernizbic was born Ixbenizerbaterooney Von Humzcanxixq De Gobbleneck Zernizbicerwaternicazerbensanckerznickerqutergerble in the Village of High Water Pants on the Island of The in the year 1346 on the 24th day of November at precisely 22:49.58 PM Middle of the Pacific Ocean Time. Due to the fact that his mother had almost died of suffocation while naming him, Ixben decided to change his name (at the young age of 4 minutes) to Ixben Zernizbic to prevent any more almost deaths. Ixben lived alone on the island. His mother had gotten lost in their gigantic 4 foot by 1 foot and 1.832947923748927897489237489249834983298234 and a third inch house. His father, months before his birth had found himself stuck in a tree. So he grew up in High Water Pants Village quite alone because he never knew his father and never found his mother. No one ever lived on the island of The besides he and his parents. Due to this he never had any siblings, and at the ripe old age of 12 he was climbing on the roof of his huge house, tripped over his mother's head, fell off the roof onto a skateboard, zoomed thru the sand right into the laundry, got blinded by a shirt, sank into the ocean, fell right thru the center of the earth, and landed in a spot of elephant infested quicksand. The island eventually sunk into the ocean and is now only a small speck of land about 2.5 inches wide and 1 cm long. No one has been to the island of The since the Zernizbicerwaternicazerbensanckerznickerqutergerble Family immigrated there in the middle of the 1300s.