The webmaster was born very young. The webmaster grew up in many different places. The webmaster is an anglophilic late hippie loony. The webmaster is known by many names. Most common names are Wapcaplet or Washy.

The webmaster's whole giant list of names is: AdmiralAl Calavicci VerticalMan UnlovedStranger Nozzle AdmiralPepper Ohboy Ca-Ca Sodding Washasockie Calalilly KingOfBrokenHearts Greenie ladeda Wah Washo Tifotuo Mized Nezmerised Prithee Ringy Ringo Starkey Washy WakkoStarkey Octavious JaneLane Wakko Wakkorotti WheresTheMeg Sod SoddingBah Rapriekenchics Washburn Whimsical LilWillow RingoStarr Yhsaw Washerson DrRobert Smoggo JoePublic MajorHappy Nastea BritishFreak Lobster CleeseOverload wapcaplet raymondluxuryyacht

The webmaster's names are very long:

Washburn Graham-Sockatoomie Calavicci-Starr-Innes-Hanson-Warner-Dolenz

Wapcaplet Splunge Loony Gumby Esq

The webmaster currently resides in a colony that is as we speak forming under your bed.

The webmaster's star sign is Monty.
The webmaster is tired of starting sentences with "The Webmaster".
The webmaster digs: The Beatles, The Monkees, Monty Python, The Three Stooges, Animaniacs, and Quantum Leap.
The webmaster would like to note that those above are her largest obsessions and that the following are the other obsessions but they don't really know where to go right now:
Austin Powers, Hanson, Oasis, Fool's Garden, The Lightning Seeds, and Star Wars.
The webmaster is an anglophile.
The webmaster is a member of the Spam Club
The webmaster is a running dog lackey
The webmaster is a loony.
The webmaster likes to write.
The webmaster is about to poke her kidnappers with the soft cushions for making her write "The Webmaster" for every sentence.
*Note the next sentence was cut from the bio because it did not in clude the phrase "The Webmaster"*
The webmaster would like to state that she is a girl, contrary to popular belief of certain sodding Junior High imbosiles.

Gah, I am so glad that I no longer need to type "The Webmaster." That was annoying, repetitive, and pointless.

My friends are total looneys. They all are nuts. If there's one thing to be said about them, they've all gone potty. All my friends are absolutely crackers. They all are loco in the cabasa. They have no idea how insaney they are. But that is the reason that I dig them. Because, I am just as nutty, if not more, if not less.

Ah my outside the net friends. Most of them have moved or are no longer in contact with me, or both. Chris is probably the one I'd say was closest to me, and digs. Funky/Jon and Jezzy/Jen are two groovy people who I spend a lot of time with. Pinthark/Nat is another one of me friends. I don't know. I've never had too many friends. I could list all the ones I've had. But it wouldn't do any good. Just hi to the lot of ya.

When I first got on the net I hung out with people collectively known as MCers, or Monkeechatters, or those who hung out in #monkeeschat. Well MC split and formed #torkfriends, making me a TFer. TF had a bunch of wars also and formed many little groups including #cacafriends, #admiralmike or Angus, and #southsidebranch
#Cacafriends morphed into dog lackeys and cacafests and such. Basically it was Soggy and myself. #Admiralmike was the home of Angus, a quite interesting and groovy group. Yet after a large amount of wars, I left Angus to go on its own. #Southsidebranch is about the only chat I drop by in anymore. TF veterans who are also experiencing some technical difficulties at the moment, but still quite a groovy group.

However, I feel most at home now with the pythonians/pythonites/pythoneers/loonies at the Monty Python.net Forum
Aside from little groups I usually talk to Purple Lemon and Soggy.

My family. This is what I have to say about my family.

We used to live in one room, all hundred and twenty-six of us, no furniture. Half the floor was missing; we were all huddled together in one corner for fear of FALLING. We were evicted from *our* hole in the ground; we had to go and live in a lake. We used to have to get out of the lake at three o'clock in the morning, clean the lake, eat a handful of hot gravel, go to work at the mill every day for tuppence a month, come home, and Dad would beat us around the head and neck with a broken bottle, if we were LUCKY.

Yet truthfully, I love my parents and my dog, and my three missing and desceased cats. We got probs, but what family doesn't? I'm an only child. My brother died before I was even born. My half sister I've never seen. My friends and obsessions are like my siblings.

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