It has come to the kidnappers attention that the webmaster wasn't working as efficently lately, so we have forced the webmaster to make some backgrounds. Yet, since it took the webmaster 4 hours and 17 minutes to complete the collage using 5 different Microsoft paint windows, one window of microsoft image editor, and 10 minutes to upload... there is so far only ONE background, which I think the webmaster enjoyed making more than the others which are possible to come in the future, considering Graham Chapman is obsessively the webmasters favourite Python. But enough about that loony. On to the background.
When ya get to seeing the background right click and select "Set as wallpaper" or "set image as wallpaper" or whatever it is your broswer says. Then you can have it as your wall paper, but if you want to go saving the thing to your hard drive, go ahead. Its best as desktop wall paper... NO font in the world will work on this silly thing. Besides, who'd want to write on it?

Actually, see this is a small lil thing of the background, you could tile the small one, to drive you loony, so that Edward can see your liscense, however, the real wallpaper/background/confusing-thing-used-for-spicing-up-a-computer is there if you click on the lil pic

Graham Collage

(What's all this then? Hey! What did I tell you about making parts of this webpage that actually resemble a true webpage??) [Well I'm sorry, I only was offering to help. Besides, its not like the webmaster had anything better to do for four hours!] (And you too! Ya loony! Whats the point of all this? Why? We have all this stuff which has nothing to do with the theme of the page.) {Excuse me, Mr. We have to have a links page!} (Oh shutup! EVERY page has a links page!) [So what the bloody hell is wrong with a page of wall paper?] (Have you seen some of the recent material on this page? There's something giving us kidnappers away! A log book on the kidnapping!) |And what was wrong with that?| (It's just a bit incriminating is all! And what's this about the POLLGE campaign? And the Island of The. What in the world does that have to do with Python?)|If you had paid attention to the material on the site you would realise that POLLGE is a major icon in Python fanatical looniness at the forum!| (Which one of you was it that posted to that Log book!?) [It was me, sir. I didn't mean too. I'm fed up with being a free mason! I never wanted to be a free mason! I wanted to be a lumberjack! leaping from tree to tree -----] {Oh shut your gob!} (Yes, please. Well, now that we have it all figured out, don't let it happen again. One question, how in the world does the webmaster have enough time to spend at the forum! There are posts from all hours of the night. Who's the one letting the webmaster on this page?)|You worry too much! Listen, I've blocked out this website from the webmaster. Even a person with the htmling and computer knowledge of the one we have kidnapped, is will not be able to figure out that the password is SEMPRINI!| (You stupid git! Now look what you've done! You better change that right now!)|Why the webmaster can't see it!|(But her friends can! All those loonies will tell her! Don't you see!) -RIGHT Stop that! Its gotten out of hand!-