The UKTO Homepage

The UKTO is a silly radical organisation under the POLLGE campaign. We man the good ship Loony Bits, fighting against the oppression of silliness.

The UKTO was founded after a mutiny bannished certian members of POLLGE from the Evil M-pire. They were later allowed back in...BUT, the stigma was still there....and they knew it was only a matter of time before seriousness would raise its ugly head again. So this valient troupe of Radical POLLGE supporters banded together and formed the UKTO.

In the early days after their bannishment, they wandered from site to site, not knowing what to do with their live. Suddenly on the horrizan there appeared two great ships battling. Both the vessels decks were a-blaze, and even from the shore the M-pire outcasts could here the screams of war. The ships got closer and closer, until the names were plainly visiable to those on shore. The Crimison Permanent Assurance had over ran the CEO of the Seven Seas, leaving here to run a-ground.

Seeing an opprotunity, the M-pire outcasts boarded the plundered vessel and took her as their own. Renaming her and fixing her was born the good Pirate Ship LoonyBits.

Now, the terror of the seas, the POLLGE naval vessel with the UKTO at the helm patrol, always on the watch for Charttered Accountants and silly bastards with no sense of humour.