This website, has not been updated in over 3 months. And we apologise deeply and sincerely for that. We here at We-Did-Kidnap-The-Webmaster-On-Eric-Idle's-Birthday-In-1999 Inc. do not like to lie to you. And so we will tell you just exactly why this webmaster hasn't updated the website.

Well, it seems that the webmaster just went and buggered off for 3 WHOLE months! Just left! Zoom! So, we decided we had to go look for the webmaster! We needed the webmaster! Let's face it, none of us know what we're doing here! Except for maybe the one who's typing this right now. Well, the webmaster just buggered off! Just like that! And once we found the webmaster, we found out a lot of details! Campaigns! Anarchy! Ferret Societies! All sorts of loonistic things had been happening to the webmaster since the webmaster had left! Not right! Not right at all! We needed the webmaster to update! Well, sure, the webmaster did, but ONLY a small portion devoted to what we'd like to call the POLLGE campaign.

So we must apologise, and if you see Wapcaplet Biggles Splunge Loony Gumby Esq, aka teaandsprockets, do remember to throw a nice fresh banana at the webmaster that is Wap, so that the webmaster won't try this foolish escaping again! I tell you, it JUST doesn't work!