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This page was designed to drive you looney. Once you have driven looney, I ask to see your drivers liscense. This page is full of corny puns, reggy ole quotes, idiotic reviews, and just silly stuff. There might be a hint of a real webpage in here. But the webmaster is still out to tea. The webmaster will not be coming back, as we have secretly stopped the clock. Due to the fact that the webmaster --- Washy Spam Sockatoomie Spam Spam Wakkorotti Spam Calavicci Egg Bacon Starr Spam Innes Spam spam baked beans Warner and Spam Dolenz Spam --- is on a permenant out for tea, you must suffer the fate that awaits you..... when we find out what it is we will tell you.

Edward J. Crackenzopper

P.S. - The webmaster has been tied up in a corner and forced to write material for this page, yet will never see the outcome

P.P.S At 2:30 yesterday morning (many months ago actually), the webmaster was moved to the Comfy chair and forced to sit there writing sketches with only a cup of coffee at eleven. Although the webmaster doesn't like coffee....

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