The Ministry as chosen by Pollge consists of many lunatic cabinet members who are followers of silly Pollgeish thingies. Every once in a imaginary while the members get together. Minstry meetings are often silly bits of time wasted on issues quite irrelevant to anything that normal people would care about. But normal is overrated. We're loony, and bloody proud. Certain members of the ministry handle certain silly things. The machine that goes PING!, Purple Skewers Disease, The Allied Gumbies, la la la yakkety yak... In other words, each member has a sort of job that he or she sort of has to do. Wap -- the one writing this -- wants to be a writer, yet just can't explain it. Possibley the information provided below may help you.

  • The Unfinished Stoly
  • The Loony Gumby Esq/POLLGE campaign Roster
  • Ministry Speeches
  • A Boxer History of Pollge