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This is the pitstop for links on or related to the POLLGE Campaign.
This is the headquarters of the PFPC (People For Purple Campaign), which is a branch of the Offical PPC (People for Purple Campaign) headed by the Loony POLLGE herself, and not to be confuzzled with the PFPC (Purple For People Campaign).

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    Link to the PFPC:

    <a href="http://surf.to/pollge"> <img border=0 target="_top" src="http://members.tripod.com/raymondluxuryyacht/pollge3.gif"> </a><br>

  • Interview with POLLGE:

    1. if you needed an army, would you call on the Allied Gumbies?

    Definitely! As a member, and supporter of the Allied Gumbies, I can say that I will call on, and they will lend their bricks and croons to my cause!

    2. If you needed a vacation spot, would it be the Island of The?

    No, but it would be a great place for my headquarters, if I get voted into office!

    3. Which logo do you like the best?

    That's an unfair question. They are all my friends.

    4. How did the POLLGE campaign come about?

    Well, it all started with a harmless little poem, a few suggestions, and alot of pushing from me. Not to say I'm power hungry, cause I'm not. Of course. I just want what's best for the world.

    5. What are your views on the Pointed Stickists who seem to not want to vote POLLGEAN because of your Anti-Pointed Stick views?

    I think they are too focused on the intermediate subject. Sticks may be nice and fine, but the bricks, that's the place to be. Hail, all powerful bricks!

    6. How do you plan to achieve world silliness, and peace?

    I'm going to sleep all day and hope it comes about by itself. If not, then I shall walk around with a handkercheif on my head, crooning for such things as peace and looniness, and bashing bricks together.

    7. Whats this about bricks?

    Bricks? Why, they are the lifeline of society! Without them, houses would not exist, brick roads, and, also, their friends and cousins, the cinderblocks. Most Gumbies over look cinderblocks, because their heaviness, and ability to catch unaware limbs in their holes, but, if used correctly, they can smash the brains of the enemy!

    8. Could you introduce some of your running mates?

    Well, we have Wapshycapletloonyperson, who is the War Administrator person, then we have TailyMangey, my personal Special Aide person, then there's Algy, who's in charge of.. uh... something, and then there's E. Mays, who is in charge of my publicity at all times.

    9. Is there Any opposition?

    So far, ... no. But I intend to stomp it out with an iron brick!

    10. Anything else?

    Yes. I would like a piece of cake.... the Betty Crocker kind with the BC icing and... mmm....... a nice slice of radiant red watermelon.